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I need to figure out a border of some sort

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I need to figure out a border of some sort

Postby vwhite_1984 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:03 pm

So my garden, because I live in an apartment building, is out on my balcony. I have a HUGE west-facing balcony with this fabulous garden that I build on it that I absolutely adore... the main part of the garden itself is made up of milk crates lined with potato sacks. The trouble is that it was a few years ago that I build this garden, and so the tops of the potato sacks are starting to deteriorate.

I have figured out a way to preserve the bottom parts of the potato sacks, but the tops need to be reinforced for this coming season. I was thinking of maybe using some sort of hard plastic to line the tops of the crates? Maybe something like a drain pipe liners (for on a house sort of thing)?

Does anyone have any thoughts? Does anyone have anything like this that they have had to work with?

Thanks guys!
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