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Pot Lack

The battle over medicinal marijuana will be anything but mellow. Protestors from the Toronto Compassion Centre on Bathurst St. gathered outside the Department of Justice office on King St. W. Friday, to protest a police raid that shut the facility down last week. More than 1,200 people rely on the potent pot to relieve symptoms of their illnesses, but authorities contend the Centre doesn’t have the proper permits to hand it out.

That’s left those with permission to use the drug to seek new and illegal - sources on Toronto’s mean streets. And lawyer Alan Young vows to fight for them. "What I want to do is make sure that everyone who gets authorization from the government can go to a pharmacy [to get] clean, safe marijuana. That's what they should be entitled to."

Julian Guha-Roy hopes he wins, before his arthritis completely debilitates him. It makes me a criminal, he complains. My doctor has given me a prescription for cannabis. I am allowed to use it, but I have no legal source Anne McLellan tells me she can feel my pain. I don't think Anne McLellan understands my pain at all. The Federal Health Minister has stated she’s uncomfortable with the government’s medical marijuana program and may have it dismantled.

August 23, 2002

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