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Toronto police pull plug on pro-pot rally
Last Updated Sat, 21 Aug 2004 23:05:33 EDT
TORONTO - Minor scuffles were reported at a downtown pro-pot rally Saturday after Toronto police shut down the Canabian Day festival.

Police detained two people.

Several hundred people had showed up to take part in the rally to promote the legal use of marijuana. A stage had been rented nearby the provincial legislature, speakers lined up and six pro-marijuana music bands had signed up to perform.

Those plans fell through when police asked organizers to show them city-issued permits and insurance to hold the event.

The organizers, Cannabis in Canada, claim they were denied those permits because of the nature of the rally.

A website description of the event reads, "The purpose of this event is to give cannabis consumers an opportunity to gather together with others in the local communities, to encourage local cannabis activism, and to enjoy a day of relaxation, entertainment and cannabis pride."

Police at the event said they were on hand to keep the peace and maintain the law.

In Hamilton, Ont., the Canabian festival was celebrated with the opening of the city's first marijuana cafe.

The event in Niagara Falls, Ont. went largely unnoticed by the city's police.

Written by CBC News Online staff

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