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Manitoba, the top spot for pot
By BRIAN GRAY -- Toronto Sun

Move over Mexico and Colombia -- Canadian-grown marijuana is top-grade weed, man.

A U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency spokesman says Manitoba has become the source for premium pot south of the border.

And the province is also known by law enforcers in both countries to export more hydroponically grown dope than it imports.

Manitoba's pot popularity comes from high levels of THC -- the active ingredient that provides the high.

Winnipeg Police say the THC levels can reach 15% to 20% because growers can control every detail -- from the hours of light to the temperature and nutrient levels -- because it is grown indoors.

In contrast, pot grown outdoors in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean only reaches THC levels of 3% to 7%.

"People around (the U.S.) buy Canadian," The DEA's Bret Eaton said from Miami. "If somebody's taken a liking to Manitoban, that's what they'll get."

Meanwhile, Manitoba's superior stuff is equalled by Ontario growers, according to Corey Johnson of the Toronto Hemp Co. on Yonge St.

"I would say they aren't the only ones (reaching the high THC levels)," he said, adding 13% is often the low end for Ontario indoor-grown pot.

Marijuana activist Marc Emery, who sells seeds from his Vancouver-based business, said the court system's increased leniency toward marijuana-related charges has spurred an increase in the number of people willing to grow the illegal product for personal use -- a number he estimated between 8,000 and 10,000 in Manitoba alone.

B.C. has effectively decriminalized use of marijuana by not charging people for possession.

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