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Cannabis Cafe trial wraps up in Saint John
WebPosted Feb 9 2005 04:16 PM AST
CBC News

SAINT JOHN — A judge in Saint John has heard final testimony in the trial of the Cannabis Café.

The owner, Lynn Wood, is charged with trafficking in marijuana.

Defence lawyer Rick Northrup argued that his client shouldn't be lumped in with people who sell drugs for profit.

He said the Cannabis Café only sold pot to people who had a doctor's certificate or swore an oath that they had a medical condition.

Northrup said meticulous records were kept of each transaction.

And in addition, he told the court that the prices at the Cannabis Cafe were far below market value.

"The RCMP constable clearly indicated the price was $20 a gram. If you look at the price at the compassion club, it's quite a bit cheaper. Why?"

Northrup asked the judge to stay the proceedings, as courts have done in similar cases in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

But Crown prosecutor Nicole Poirier said the precautions taken at the Cannabis Café were far too lax for it to be considered a "compassion club."

She told the court that Lynn Wood refused to discriminate on the basis of age.

Her membership included a 15-year-old high school student who spent $2,000 at the cafe over five months.

Poirier said the club also held a raffle on a bong for graduating high school students.

Judge Murray Cain says he expects to hand down his decision before the end of next week.

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