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2004/03/07 Last One Speaks

Green Truth

Canadians for Safe Access just sponsored their first drug policy reform conference in Toronto this past week. Green Truth - the Green Tide Shadow Summit 2004 was billed as Voices of Reason - Exploring Alternatives to the Drug War. Looking at the agenda and summaries, (listed under submissions), it appears to have lived up to its promise.

Nearly every activist group I've ever heard of in Canada participated, however unlike its counterparts in the US, according to organizer Dominic Cramer, this conference was well covered by the press.

The media attention was great, with the Toronto Star, CBC, PotTV, Now Magazine, and Elevator Films (for the Documentary Channel), among others, in attendance, lots of cameras, flashes, scribbling, audio recordings and one-on-ones. And at 9pm, Stephen VandeKemp and I really kicked some ass on City TV's (CP24) "Hunter's Gatherings" (environmentalist and social policy analyst Bob Hunter of Greenpeace fame) where we spread the truth about the OACP report, bill c-10 and prohibition in general being complete and destructive travesties.

CSA states: It's time for Canada to help lead our world out of this sad state. We must learn from the past and the mistakes and achievements of other Nations. It's time for Canada to resume its role as the "True North Strong and Free!"

Those of us stuck here in the "US - Land of the Formerly Free", can look to our neighbors for inspiration.

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