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Volume 9 Issue 7
a.r.s. Week in Review 19 février 2005

In this issue:
1 Toronto Hemp Company
2 Buffalo Blues--
3 London stress test
4 Argentina lawsuit--
5 Chuck Beatty on Int Base
6 Los Angeles mission
7 A.R.S. PR--
8 Federal funds for Scn front group in Memphis?--
9 Scn celebrities & Florida politicians
Scientology tops list of shame for company that promotes the use of marijuana
The following was posted:
"The Toronto Hemp Company is just down the street from the org. 'Retail Store & Resource Centre dedicated to an amazingly beneficial and mistreated plant and culture'."
>From the web site at:
"These are some people who have managed to weasel their way onto the THC black-list. Maybe, just maybe, there's a chance this list will prevent them from hurting someone else. Maybe you'll run into them and tell them what you think of arseholes, or maybe you'll just find this list amusing. Regarding some of them, we wouldn't mind hearing updates...
L. Ron Hubbard's blatantly cult-like 'Church of Scientology' and 'Narconon' (their cult recruiting scheme that rides on the coat-tails of 'Narcotics Anonymous'). Science-fiction author founder: 'The way to make a million dollars is to start a religion.' Our primary issue with the 'Dianetics' organization is that they've been sending their frighteningly brainwashed minions around door-to-door in our neighbourhood trying to convince people that marijuana is evil by telling ridiculous stories about having been forced by their doctor to take medical marijuana and how the evil weed ended up causing their serious medical ailments (lupus in the zombie we spoke to)."


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Buffalo Blues
Dave Touretzky updated the news group with several posts about the history of Scientology's Buffalo organization.
"The Buffalo Org was going to be Scientology's newest gem, a showcase monument to Int Management and DM in particular. But this monument had already been stained with blood. The Org's top auditor, Elli Perkins, had been dead for nearly 5 months, killed by her own son after she asked Scientology for help and received nothing.
Jeremy Perkins had pled to the murder on July 29, just a few days before this email went out. Judge Troutman's finding was 'Not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect.' And folks inside the Org knew that the failure to treat that mental disease rested squarely with the Church of Scientology.
Come August, staffers had put the murder out of their minds. Jeremy's fate was not discussed. And the renovations, in which Jeremy had personally assisted before the murder, proceeded. But not even Joseph Sgroi's millions would prove enough to get those stains off the walls of the new Org. Something was rotten in Buffalo, and the ARS critics, ever vigilant, had picked up the scent of blood."
Excerpt from an e-mail from the Scientology Buffalo Renovations Team of August 2, 2003
"Calling all Crusaders,
We have 13 days, 213 hours,18729 mins, left to complete Buffalo and we need all hands on deck!
We are down to 312 earth hours until the building is going to be done and we have over 5000 hours of work left to pull it off. With the crew we have here right now we have 3800 of those hours covered with round the clock shifts. We are calling on you to help with making up the difference. ..."
>From another post:
"... Surprise: business didn't boom at all for the new Org, and Glen Byrnes blew his post a few months later. So much for DM's brilliant plan, eh? No problem: they "rehabilitated" Carlson and made him the ED again -- just in time for him to preside over the Buffalo News blowing the lid off the Jeremy Perkins scandal, which Mark Sommer accomplished with the invaluable assistance of Teresa Reger, the ham-handed DSA. ..."
Excerpt from a Scientologist money-raising e-mail of August 11, 2003:
"... The new ED of the Buffalo Org (Glen Byrnes), needs to be on post in two days for the Grand Opening.
He needs an intensive to handle a cycle before he can leave Clearwater (as ordered by David Miscavige).
He is selling 2 Jim Warren paintings for $8,000. Jim Warren sells his paintings to Galleries for $20,000.
If you can't help by purchasing a painting, please send some money to him. ..."
Scientology is trying to handle its problems in Buffalo by better advertising.
Excerpt from an e-mail dated 2/10/2205 from the executive director of Church of Scientology Buffalo.
"Hello, my name is Jeff Carlson and I am the ED of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo. ... Our Org is committed to becoming not only a Saint Hill Size Org but also an LRH, Ideal Org. ... We also just put a TV Billboard that will play our Dianetics Ad for 10 seconds every 2 1/2 minutes which means that people of Buffalo will see our message 4032 times a week for the next 13 weeks which will be the largest amounts of ads done in one week ever!"
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Regarding Kensington High Street in London, the following was posted:
"Yesterday my wife came in from the bitter cold telling me about how a bunch of Scientologists had set up tables and folding chairs in front of the long-empty Bank of Iran building on the High Street, with b/w printouts taped to the backs of the chairs saying 'STRESS TEST', and all around copies of 'Dianetics', the book that Scientific American upon its release upon the public in 1951 said 'contains more promises and less evidence per page than has any publication since the invention of printing.'"
"I've been informed by the RBKC council just now that:
1. Setting up shop like they did was a punishable (not merely ticketable!) offense;
2. They had to leave NOW, which they promised they would (hah!);
3. And if they were still there in an hour there would be citations all round."
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> Roberto Diaz vs. Scientology in Argentine
Roberto Diaz reported he turned in the necessary information to a public prosecutor re: Church of Scientology Argentina.
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Chuck Beatty's answers about "Int Base" at "Gold" near Hemet, California included the following information to the news group:
"1) Yes, I was at Gold (total about 2 years over a 11 year period).
Look at this aeriel photo of the Int Base, with labels.
2) There are about 700 people working daily at the Int Base.
2a) There are 3 echelons at the Int Base. Top dogs are called RTC. See the photo, it shows the building they work in. My guess is RTC has about 75 staff or so. Top top dog, is David Miscavige, the top guy in RTC.
2b) 2nd echelon is CMO Int. Top guy in CMO Int used to be, and my guess still is, Mark Yager. CMO Int has about 120 or so people. CMO Int includes the Int Finance Office and the Senior C/S Int Office. Just below, but working very closely with CMO Int is the Exec Strata. Executive Director International (ED Int) is the boss of the Executive Strata which is about 8-10 guys who are supposed to be experts of certain zones of responsibility, the Exec Strata are a key part of what is called "Int Management". The other parts of Int Management are CMO Int and the Int Finance Office.) All of CMO Int and Int Finance and Exec Strata are normally in the same building, they were for a couple of decades, and I think they still are today. They all form the 2nd echelon at the Int Base. Total guys, about 100 I would guess.
2c) 3rd and bottom echelon of the 3 basic major groups at the Int Base, is the actual Golden Era Productions organization. Gold is huge, like 400-500 staff. Gold is massive. The top guy in Gold is called Commanding Officer Gold. Gold makes movies, they make the CDs of LRH's lectures, they make the Emeters, they make all the music for the events, they make all the videos of all the events, they oversee all the expensive marketing and do the marketing themselves. Gold is huge. All the security personnel guarding the Int Base are Gold staff. All of the construction personnel at the Int Base are Gold staff. All of the people upkeeping the many many acres of lawns, flowers, trees, sidewalks, roads, etc., all the food that they all eat, all the berthing, all the caring for the celebrities who visit the base, all of the day to day upkeep functions, are handled by Gold staff. (If you have been on a military base, and see how military operations are set up, with mess halls, canteens for snacks, all the buildings and equipment to upkeep the whole base, carpentry shop, plumbing, air conditioning, cooking, cleaning, my impression of the Int Base is that it is somewhat like a military base, but it looks a lot more spiffy, beautiful buildings, pretty high quality sidewalks, nice office furniture, etc., etc. It is a pretty nice looking and efficiently run operation. Gold is a huge huge org, bigger and more expensive equipment used for making films, recording lectures, making music. LRH has written thousands of orders in the early 80's to Gold staff. Those orders were turned into issues, that Gold staff follow in doing their jobs. Gold easily has millions and millions of dollars of expensive recording and film equipment, much state of the art, some equipment which is one of a kind (I think of the spinning microphone room, where there is a one of a kind recording room with a completely unique microphone setup that floats and spins, unlike ANYTHING in the wog world that anyone has ever tried before). Gold has a recording studio for the musicians. They have the massive massive Castle, where they can shoot all the films they produce (See the photo for how massive the Castle is.) Gold is responsible for training everyone on the base, and the "Qual" building is where people go in shifts daily to study. People eat daily at the place called "MCI, also in shifts, because there are so many people working at Gold. Someday they may live in the buildings labelled the "berthing buildings". I don't have recent data, so don't know if staff have moved into these berthing buildings yet. The berthing buildings are custom made for them. People married get a single room, people unmarried stay in dorms, and I have no idea how many will be in a room, but I am sure it won't be overcrowded there, at least not at first.
2c) There are other groups at the Int Base, there is a local CMO, called CMO Gold, and CMO Gold has CMO Int as their immediate seniors, and CMO Gold is over the Gold org. CMO Gold is about 10 or so staff. Under CMO Gold is the Household Unit, which used to be the men and women personally attending LRH. Today the Household Unit maintains the "LRH spaces". The LRH spaces are those spaces (buidlings, offices, personal house) that are built and maintained, for LRH. Like all the churches of Scientology have an office for LRH, at the Int Base, there is a huge house, called Bonnyview, that is LRH's home. I have not seen it, but it is labelled on the photo.
I could go on for hours. Gold is a massive operation, and the Int Base is the top of the Scn movement. There are hundreds of personalities and a whole lifestyle unique to the Scn movement."
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Los Feliz mission opens
One poster reported a Scientology Mission opening.
"They're opening a new Mission in Los Feliz and now the new fad is to invite celebrities as an extra bit of entertaining to make people come, just like they did at the Madrid Org, where Tom Cruise showed up and gobs of people came to the opening ...
>From another post, it appears Los Feliz is in or near Los Angeles.
A British A.R.S. poster observed:
"The number of Missions in the USA has been steadily increasing in recent years. My impression is that this isn't a planned geographical effort, ie DM isn't looking at a map and saying "how about a Mission in Georgia", it's a cash based thing. Rich and/or enthusiastic public are being encouraged to start them up anywhere they like. Naturally they do so local to themselves, and so Missions tend to appear in areas where there are already Orgs and Missions."
Scn celebrities & Florida politicians
An anonymous poster posted the following link and text concerning celebrity Scientologists hobnobbing with Florida politicians:
"...A-List Celebrities, Politicians & No Media
The black-tie Fort Harrison ball is Tampa Bay's best-kept secret. BY WAYNE GARCIA
Three weekends ago, nearly 600 of Tampa Bay's most notable politicians, activists and social butterflies put on their formalwear best for a night of dinner and dancing. Former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco worked the same room with movie star John Travolta. Elvis' wife and daughter were there, too. Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley dutifully greeted the locals, at one point sitting with Travolta alongside Victor Crist, a Republican state senator from Tampa. Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan, Pinellas County Commissioner Susan Latvala, Manatee County Commissioner Gwen Brown and Tampa City Councilmen Shawn Harrison and Kevin White attended. So did state Rep. Everett Rice, Largo Mayor Bob Jackson, and Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard, who beamed as he welcomed the crowd. Miami state Rep. Gus Barreiro addressed the guests, as well, speaking about his legislation against overmedicating schoolchildren.
At the climax of the party, Texas rock 'n' roller Edgar Winter strapped on an electronic keyboard to play his 1973 No. 1 hit, 'Frankenstein.'
This night of society hobnobbing and artistry went unchronicled by local media, largely because of its host - the Church of Scientology. For four years, Scientology has thrown a black-tie gala to bring together Tampa Bay's powerful to mix with its own Hollywood celebs. ...
'It helped create the spirit of unity that we wanted to have,' [Ben] Shaw [Scientology's director of external relations] said. 'I think people enjoyed that. It is like a little Switzerland; you can come there and feel really safe.'"
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> web sites
It was reported that Wikipedia had added a "Xenu Space Plane" entry.
"Allll Aboard!! Watch your glycol frozen step while coming aboard:
(notice the sea org emblem on the plane's tail)
Their "Xenu" entry was modified 03:08, 15 Feb 2005:"
> WISE corporations.
"Records of WISE and HCA registrations as of February
> Anniversary
"1995-02-13: Scientology mounts a suprise raid on the home of critic Dennis Erlich. Scientology spends seven hours rummaging through his home in Glendale, California, searching for alleged copyright violations. After learning how the cult conducted the raid, the Judge Ronald H. Whyte, who authorized the raid, declared it to be unconstitutional. The Church sues Erlich, Tom Klemesrud (operator of the BBS that Dennis uses to access the Net), and Netcom (a large Internet service provider that exchanges Usenet news and e-mail with that BBS).
There is a video of that circus: Download (6.3M):
-- end
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