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Cannabis Health Journal
Issue 4-1 - "Best Of The Best"

Written by staff
Monday, 07 November 2005

The Cannabis Health Home Team would like to congratulate our "Best of The Best" winners. Getting to know all of our contributors over the past 3 years has had a huge impact, not only on us, but our entire readership. Every one of you deserves recognition and we wish we had the space to include all of you. You've touched our hearts and opened our minds; we thank you all. The Cannabis Health Home Team wishes everyone good health, prosperity and peace for 2006.

Best Activism Article Canada - An Even Brighter Future - Dominic Cramer - Toronto Hemp Company:

"Some feel that cannabis is such an important plant that it should not be used for financial gain, while others feel that it's high time for legitimate business people and our tax revenue to profit from this plant instead of only "criminals" having that ability." Dominic Cramer of Toronto Hemp Company in his article, An Even Brighter Future-Toronto Hemp Company, Issue 3-3, Mar/Apr 2005 pg 17

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