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Dear Rene Renew:
I am writing this letter to inform your readers of some of the incredible benefits of Cannabis Hemp. I apologize for the length of the letter, but a smaller letter would have just left out too much information. Hemp definitely deserves the space.
First, please note that Cannabis hemp has ridiculously been given a bad name because of its association with Marijuana.
In my view Marijuana itself has some wonderful benefits, in the treatment of [many medical conditions]... Also, as a recreational drug, Marijuana is a thousand times better for our bodies and minds than alcohol or tobacco...
Nevertheless, Marijuana invokes instant negative feelings in too large a proportion of the general public, For this reason, it is necessary to point out that a strain of Cannabis can be and is being grown (even in Ontario on a small-scale test basis) that contains so little of the intoxicating ingredients that it is of absolutely no use as a source of the recreational (and medicinal) drug. These plants are good only for industrial purposes.
Which leads us to the industrial uses of Cannabis Hemp. These are no less impressive than the medicinal uses of marijuana.
We could end our dependency on fossil fuels and provide all of our gas and oil energy needs by farming only 6% of North America's acreage with Hemp for Biomass. Burning the gasoline or methanol produced from Biomass gives off no sulphur and would help solve our acid rain problems.
One acre of Hemp produces 4.1 times as much pulp for paper as an acre of trees. Hemp is obviously a perfect replacement for trees as a source of pulp. Hemp paper can be produced without many of the pollutants (including dioxins) necessary for the production of paper from trees.
Hemp can also be used to make high-quality construction materials such as press-board, more elastic and durable than hardwood, again reducing deforestation. Hemp seed oil can be used to make all sorts of products such as paints, varnishes and lubricants.
Hemp would also be a perfect replacement for cotton as a source of fibres to make rope, clothing and canvas. Hemp produces the strongest, most durable natural soft-fibre on earth. Hemp cloth is also warmer and more absorbent than cotton. An acre of Hemp will produce 2 to 3 times as much fibre as an acre of cotton. Cotton cannot be grown in Canada, while our climate is perfect for top-quality industrial hemp. Cotton production accounts for approximately half of all pesticide use in the United States. Hemp discourages the growth of weeds, is insect, disease and drought resistant, grows like crazy with hardly any effot, and is easy on the soil (thus reducing agricultural reliance on chemical pesticides and fertilizers). Hemp can also be used to make plastics.
And to top it all off, Hemp seed is arguably the world's best source of protein and essential fatty acids. While Soy produces more protein than Hemp seed, the protein from hemp seed is of higher quality. Hemp seed is the only seed which contains the essential fatty acids and almost no saturated fat.
So there, in as little space as possible, is a quick mention of the benefits of Cannabis Hemp. There is obviously a lot more information available to your readers, and as society becomes more educated on the issues surrounding Cannabis, new information is and will be becoming available.
For now, you need to know where to get Hemp products... (HEMP - Help End Marijuana Prohibition - and NORML - the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws - are two organizations working to educate Canadians on the issues surrounding Cannabis).
there are quite a few companies in Canada manufacturing and/or importing Hemp products. Mama Indica and Sister Sativa's, The Emperor's Clothing Company, and Ecosource Paper are a few providing such products as hemp-seed based snacks, clothing and paper. Toronto Hemp Co. is a retail store located at [old address]. Our phone number is (416)923-3556. We have a large selection of books and research materials, Hemp clothing, and much more. Please come by and pay us a visit. Hemp is a truly incredible plant that can help save our planet.
Yours sincerely,
Dom Cramer,
Partner, Toronto Hemp Co.

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